Colour Palette of the Week - Coastal

October 07, 2014


Every week I post a 'Colour Palette of the Week' on the shop.  I thought it would be interesting if, every week, I share the inspiration behind these colour combinations.  So this week's inspiration is the beach!



Our local beach is surrounded by a national park which is rugged, beautiful and full of Banksia trees.  There is a paved  walking track that takes you all along the headland and down to the beach.  Most days you will see wallabies and kangaroos and, if you're very lucky, dolphins or whales (and sometimes snakes if unlucky!).  Last weekend I collected a few things during our walk and these items are the inspiration behind this week's 'Coastal' colour palette.



Banksia husks, purple shells, banksia leaves, coastal wild flowers and pebbles collected from the beach. 



Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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October 08, 2014

These little bowerbird ‘collections’ certainly evoke the colour senses, thanks for posting! Banksias are my all-time favourite plant – as a kid, reading May Gibbs’ rendition of their comical and somewhat spooky cones as ‘Banksia Men’ stays with me to this day :-)

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