Quick Knitted Gift Ideas For Christmas
November 16, 2022

Quick Knitted Gift Ideas For Christmas

It's that time of year!  Christmas is on its way and gift knitting is in full swing.  If you haven't yet cast on and are looking for some gift ideas that are quick to knit, we have you covered!  Here are our top picks: most of these patterns are free and only take one skein.  Of course, our shop is full of yarn, so if you need some stash enhancement you know where to look.

Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit


Bandanna Cowl by Purl SoHo


Classic Ribbed Hat by Purl SoHo


House Socks by Purl SoHo


Hexagon Market Bag by Salena Baca


Olallie Legwarmers by Rachel Kieselburg


Apiarist Cowl by Claire Borchardt


Simple House Slippers by Simone Alexandra Ærsøe


Headband With A Twist by Mirella Moments


Sunrise Coasters by Toni Lipsey