Five amazing properties of Llama Fibre
August 17, 2023

Five amazing properties of Llama Fibre

This week, we are introducing Bubs: our new yarn base spun from 100% baby llama.  Baby llama refers to the first shearing, which is done when the animal is in its adolescence.  The first shearing produces the finest quality fibre that is highly sought after in the textile market.  To be honest, I didn't know much about Llama fibre, so I did some research and found out how amazing it is.

1. One of the warmest fibres on the planet

Llama fibre is hollow, so it provides greater surface area for insulation and thermal properties, making it even warmer than wool.  Because the fibre is hollow, its weighs less, making it super lightweight yet incredibly toasty.  Also, the hollow core wicks away moisture, keeping it away from the skin.

2. Does not contain oil

Unlike most animal fibres, llama contains no natural oils or lanolin.  Most fibre allergies are caused by a reaction to the oil in the fibre.  As llama is oil free, it is considered to be hypo-allergenic - great news for people with wool or other fibre allergies!

3. Llama fiber lacks 'crimp'

If you were to compare a strand of llama fibre to wool under a microscope, you will see that it looks very flat and smooth and does not have the crimp associated with wool.  Just like silk, llama is smooth to the touch, strong, and has a beautiful drape.

4. Naturally microbial

Studies have shown that llama fibre is naturally resistant to bacteria.  This means that items made from llama fibre do not need to be washed as often because the fibre is able to naturally rid itself of bacteria, which in turn keeps it smelling clean and fresh.

5. Flame resistant

Just like wool, llama is flame resistant.  It does not support a flame or melt, making it a very safe fibre to wear or to have in the home.