The Keady Wrap
November 15, 2017

The Keady Wrap

We are thrilled to be featuring Ambah O'Brien's newest design - the Keady Wrap - as our pattern crush of the week.  Even more exciting is that this is Ambah's 100th design AND our yarn is the featured yarn!  We feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful milestone.



The Keady Wrap uses four skeins of Top Draw Sock (or a sock/fingering weight yarn); two for the main colour and then two contrasting colours.  Ambah chose Speckled Mint as the main colour and Ghost and Graphite as the contrasts.

This week, we have put together seven colour combinations for the Keady Wrap using Top Draw Sock and Uptown Sock.  As usual, we have listed the colourways separately, giving you the chance to mix and match.  Here they are:



From the Top (L-R)

  • Ghost, Speckled Mint and Graphite
  • Whisper, Cosmic Dust and Vivid Violet
  • Blush Crush, Seaborne and Metropolis
  • Confetti, Neon & Grey and Flight Of Fancy
  • Glee, Wool Shed and Philosopher
  • Peace, Head Over Heels and Tip Toes
  • Myrtle Creek, Spice Market and In The Navy
  • Glee, Peace and Metropolis

All of these yarns will be available in the shop on Friday 17th Nov at 9am AEDT!  You can purchase the Keady Wrap right now over on Ambah's Ravelry store.


Surprise Skeins!

This week, we will also be releasing our long awaited Surprise skeins!  If you follow us on social media you would have seen a few weeks ago pictures of some of these skeins.  Surprise skeins are colourways made up of random, leftover dyes.  We have no idea how they will dye up, so they are a surprise to us as much as they are to you! 



Surprise Skeins are non-repeatable, so make sure you get enough of them for your project.  We have Voyage DK, Bliss DK, Top Draw and Everyday Sock Surprise Skeins available this week.  Hope you like them!

If you plan to make the Keady Wrap with our yarn, or, if you use one of the Surprise Skeins, please don't forget to tag us on Instagram (#skeinyarn) so we can see what you're making!

Have a wonderful week!

The Skein Team xxoo