Sport, Daintree, MCN Sock and Goodies! - Friday 24th August
August 22, 2018

Sport, Daintree, MCN Sock and Goodies! - Friday 24th August

This week we have a ton of yarns, a few new colourways as well as goodies!  Firstly let's talk about the yarns. 

Our lovely MCN Sock will be back in stock as well as the ever-popular Daintree base that was used for both the Timely and Itsumo cardigans by Libby Jonson.  We have put together a few of our favourite colour combinations that would look fabulous knit up as Timely cardigans; check them out below. 

We also have dyed up a few batches of our Sport base in all new colours!  I have been testing a new dye technique that produces richer variegated colours which are less likely to pool when knitting them. Above is the Nebula colourway; we also have Bayeux, Forest, Vanish and Rustic.

Let's not forget about the goodies! This week, we will be adding more Katrinkles Stitch Markers, in addition to re-stocking and adding a few more adorable designs.  Plus, our popular faux fur pom-poms are back, yipeee!

Also, we wanted to let you all know that this will be the last update until October.  We are going to Portugal for a holiday, and while the website will remain open, orders placed from Friday 31st August to Sunday 30th of September will ship when we return on Monday 1st October.  Also, just a little heads up: there will be a special club on offer Friday 28th September.  We will of course be emailing you with all the info closer to the time.

Hope you enjoy this week's update which will be available Friday 24th August at 9am AEST.  To find out what time this will be in your neck of the woods, click here!.  As always, we will be posting lots of spoilers for this week's update over on Instagram.

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