July 05, 2016

Sock Love #2


This is the second week of Sock Love updates, and we've saved the best for last!  Top Draw Sock is so versatile: it's soft yet strong and drapes beautifully, which means it's wonderful for socks, shawls, garments and more!  We also have a ton of Mini Skeins which are baby 20g Top Draw skeins, perfect for sock blankets, colour accents in shawls and garments as well as contrasting heels and toes!

We've chosen all the popular colourways, including the new and very popular Safari and The Cat's Meow. Plus, we have a stack of Mystery Minis!  Add some mystery to your order by selecting a Mystery Mini or two (or three!!). The colourway of each mini will be a surprise until your order arrives - how fun!



All yarns will be in store on Friday 8th July at 9am AEST (Sydney time)!

Have a wonderful week,

The Skein Team xx