New! Mohair Silk Lace and Pom-Poms- Friday 29th June
June 28, 2018

New! Mohair Silk Lace and Pom-Poms- Friday 29th June

If you follow us on social media, you will already know about our newest yarn Mohair Silk Lace.  We are totally in love with it.

Mohair Silk Lace is a very versatile yarn: it can be used on its own to create light-as-a-feather garments and shawls, or it can be combined with another yarn to create a fabric with a wonderful fluffy texture and feel.  This week, we are combining Mohair Silk Lace with our popular Top Draw Sock.

To combine both yarns you can use two strands in the same colourway, or pair two complementary colours together to get a fabric with a lovely depth of colour.  The picture above shows Top Draw Sock in the Eucalyptus colourway paired with Mohair Silk Lace in the Highlands. 

Looking for pattern ideas?  Check out our Mohair Silk Lace Pinterest board.


Get ready to spice up your winter hats with our faux fur Pom-Poms!  These attach to your hat using a snap closure, meaning you can swap pom-poms depending on your mood/outfit.  We have a ton of fun colours, each pom-pom costs $5.  The hat pictured is the Winter Dusk Hat by Jessica Gore which was knit using our Winter Worsted in the Wood Smoke colourway.

Our update will go live on Friday 29th June at 9am AESTTo find out what time this will be in your neck of the woods, click here!.  As always, we will be posting lots of spoilers for this week's update over on Instagram.

Have a wonderful week!

Kristen xx