New Colourways! Everyday Sock and Dyed To Order Voyage DK - Friday 18th October

October 16, 2019

We are super excited this week to be releasing new colourways!  Our inspiration comes from all the beautiful spring and autumn colours that appear this time of year (depending on what hemisphere you live in!).  We have developed a mix of speckled and tonal, lights and darks.  You can mix and match a lot of these colourways which would be perfect for colourwork pullovers or fun shawls.  What's even better is that all of the colourways have been dyed on our affordable and versatile Everyday Sock.  We have also included a lot of our popular regular colourways in this update as well.  The main picture above is one of our new colourways called Secrets. All of our new colourways can be seen on our Colourways page.


Yarn On Tap!  Custom Dyed DK

Our Voyage DK is now available on tap, meaning it is ALWAYS available (yay!).  You choose the colourway and we'll dye it up for you.  Dyed to order takes around 2-3 weeks to ship and, if for some reason your yarn is going to take longer, we will email you.  You can choose from any of our current colourways here.  Perfect for buying sweater quantities and yarns for colourwork.

As always, our shop update starts on Friday at 9am ADT, and the dyed to order is available now in the shop!

Kristen xx



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