Mohair Silk Lace and Top Draw Sock Pre Orders - Friday 5th July

July 03, 2019

This Friday we will have pre orders available in the shop for our Mohair Silk Lace and Top Draw Sock yarns.  I recently finished a Love Note sweater by Tin Can Knits and LOVED working with these two yarns.  I used Arctic Moss for the sock yarn and Nordic Woodlands for the lace; the depth of colour was amazing.  If you're not sure which colours to choose, I suggest using a lighter sock yarn and a darker mohair.  When these are knit together the lighter colour shines through the dark fuzzy mohair, and the result is fabulous.

There are a lot of patterns out there that use mohair silk lace combined with a sock yarn; see below for a few ideas (each image is clickable).  Here are a few of this week's pre-order colourways (including some new colours!).  All of them can be ordered on both bases, and please remember pre orders are only available for 24 hours.


Click here for more pattern ideas.

Have a wonderful week!

Kristen xx











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