Hello 2022!  Kits and a New Colourway
January 12, 2022

Hello 2022! Kits and a New Colourway

We are back after a lovely break.  Hope you had a fabulous holiday season and a big Happy New Year to you!

All week I have been putting together lots of shawl kits ready to kick of the Shawl Season.  I'm in a shawl knitting mood, so it's a rather selfish update this week.  Kits have been based off four of my favorite shawls, check out our homepage to see them!  Kits will go live this Friday.

Also this week we are releasing a brand new colourway called Hydrangea.  If you follow me on Instagram you will know all about my love for these flowers, so I decided to honor them by creating a colourway.  I dyed up two big batches of Uptown Sock and Merino Silk Sport.  These will also be available Friday.

All of our yarns and kits go live at 9am AEDT Friday 14th January.  Hope to see you there!