Fade Combos
November 08, 2017

Fade Combos

This week, we have a bumper update planned.  We have put together five speckle fade combos, using our Uptown Sock that's suitable for the shawls Find Your Fade, Free Your Fade, What The Fade?!, and the sweaters So Faded and So Faded Pint Size; all designed by the talented Andrea Mowy.  You can also get creative and turn your other favourite designs into fades like a Dotted Rays by Stephen West or Boxy by Joji Locatelli.

The Combos are:


From the top

  • Moonlight Drive, Philosopher, Confetti, Ghost
  • Spice Market, Dandelion, Pollen, Wool Shed
  • Namaste, Cosmic Dust, Carnival, Blush Crush
  • Paintbox, Eventide, Seaborne, Spellbound
  • Hero, Speckled Mint, Whisper, Neon and Grey

As usual, we will be listing the colourways separately which gives you the chance to mix and match, or create your own unique fade. 

Our shop will be stocked with the fade combos on Friday 10th November.

If you plan to make any of the fade patterns or turn a pattern into a fade using our yarn, we would love to see it!  Please don't forget to tag us on Instagram (#skeinyarn) so we can have a look at what you're making!

Have a wonderful week!

The Skein Team xxoo