Duos and Daintree
January 31, 2018

Duos and Daintree

This week, we are playing matchmaker: matching our speckles with our tonal colourways.  This was a popular theme a few weeks ago, so we decided to repeat it BUT this time include all new colour duos.  Here they are:


From the top (L-R)

  • Sunday and Opalescent
  • Whisper and Wilderness
  • Evening Fizz and Ma Cherie
  • Tropicana and Japanese Slipper
  • Heart to Heart and Blueberry
  • Bondi and Porto Kayo
  • Choc Cherry and Freshwater Pearl
  • Tropicana and Pina Colada
  • Mystic and Boysenberry
  • Space Oddity and Wisp
  • Galaxy and Sleep In

All colourways are sold separately so you can mix and match as you like.



Also, this week we have more Daintree available for custom orders.  Last time we had this base available it sold out very quickly, so for those of you who missed out here's your chance!  Lots of people are wanting to knit Timely Cardigan by Libby Jonson (the beautiful cardi pictured above) which was originally knit using the colourways Hot Mess and Barley.  There are a ton of other patterns that would suit this yarn base; check out our suggestions here.  Because this is a dyed-to-order yarn, you can select any of our colourways and we will dye them up for you.  Orders take around 7-10 business days to ship.

This week's update is Friday 2nd February at 9am AEDT. To check what time this is in your neck of the woods, click here.  You can also sign up to our newsletter (bottom of the website) for a weekly update reminder.

Happy knitting!