Daintree - Friday 16th October
October 14, 2020

Daintree - Friday 16th October

This week, we'll be stocking up the shop with our super drapey Daintree.  This yarn is a heavenly blend of merino, bamboo and silk.  It's perfect for shawls and garments and feels so good to wear.  Here's a preview of all this week's colourways so you can plan in advance.  Plus, I've added a few pattern ideas but you can find lots more on our Daintree Pinterest board.

As always, our update goes live this Friday at 9am Sydney time.  Hope to see you there!

Top L-R - Barley, Cassia, Blush and Clementine.

Polar Bear, Rain Dance, Plum and Clover

Marshmallow, Peach Rose, Kalamon and Gold Digger


Aloe, Marimo, Blue Wren and Lapis

 Toffee, Pure Gold, Tin and Raven


 Cosy Clasic Light, Lamina Wrap, Boho Blush, Minaret