Caladenia MKAL Yarn - Friday 26th March
March 24, 2021

Caladenia MKAL Yarn - Friday 26th March

This Friday we will be adding lots of El Merino to the shop, dyed especially for Ambah O'Briens upcoming MKAL starting April 2.

This week we will be offering the yarns separately which allows you to pick and choose your own combinations.  If you are wanting to purchase the yarn for another project, that is totally fine too.

Here are our suggested colour combinations for the MKAL.  We have also added a list below each picture that includes the orders in which the colours are to be used, however feel free to knit them up in whatever order you prefer.

Kalamon (CC3), Sweet Cheeks (CC1), Marshlands (CC2) and Lullaby (CC4)


Plum (CC3), Silver Bark (CC1), Toffee (CC2), French Lavender (CC4)


Golden Peach (CC3), Thunderstorm (CC1), Sea Glass (CC2), Cascade (CC4)


Pure Gold (CC3), Barley (CC1), Zinnia (CC2), Papaya (CC4)


Maven (CC3), Polar Bear (CC1), Raven (CC2), Wisp (CC4)


To sign up for the MKAL head over to Ravelry or to Payhip and to read more about the MKAL head on over to Ambah's website.  It's going to be a lot of fun, cant wait!