October 30, 2013


...or Be My Hot Water Bottle



I've only ever knitted one other hot-water bottle cosy, and I gave it to someone for Christmas.  Usually my hot-water bottle is wrapped in a towel and pillow case, which lacks the cuddliness of a knitted cosy.  Every winter I break out my much-loved hot- water bottle and think 'I really must knit you a cosy' - well, this year, I did! 

I used some leftover sock yarn, knitting two strands together to make a thicker fabric. 

I knit the yarn into a cuddly 2x2 rib, and I made sure it was knit all in one piece.

I'm so pleased with my new cosy, that I thought I'd offer the pattern up for free.  If you know some other poor sod (or if you're like me) who uses a makeshift cosy, knit them one for Christmas! I promise it will warm the very cockles of their heart.

The pattern can be downloaded for free on ravelry - hope you enjoy!