August 25, 2014

Slower Pace

Last week just flew by and here we are again back to Monday. 

So what have I been up to?  In truth, not a lot.  Last week in the studio was really nice and cruisey, I got everything that needed to be done, done. I have swatched with my new yarn bases and have already cast on two new designs. 



One of them is finished, the other is almost done.



I enjoyed a relaxing weekend, ate dinner and lunch out with hubby (not something we normally do, just felt like spoiling ourselves!).  Even dusted off the sewing machine and quickly sewed up a few lavender sachets to put in the drawer. 



These were made with some fabric scraps that I had left over from a simple patchwork quilt that I also worked on.  It's my first ever quilt and I chose to make it a queen size (what was I thinking!).  I decided to machine quilt the top myself in a simple straight line pattern. 



It'll take forever but it will be worth it!


And now Monday is here again.


After a busy few months I really enjoyed last weeks slow pace, it was nice to finally take a breather before the rush begins again.