April 26, 2016

Everyday Yarn

Luxury yarns are gorgeous but sometimes all we want is a simple, easy-to-care-for merino that can be knit up into everyday, wearable items.  This week, we are offering a selection of bases that we think are perfect everyday yarns.  These yarns are all beautifully soft and luxurious, they wear and wash well, but don't come with an expensive price tag.  We have chosen a nice selection of yarn weights that can be knitted up into shawls, pullovers, baby items or whatever you heart desires:
  • Uptown Sock
  • Skein Sport
  • Meadow
  • Voyage DK

Since this is a pre-order update, you decide which colour you would like dyed onto your choice of yarn.  We have scoured the 'Wish List' thread on Ravelry and have so far come up with these colourways:

Uptown Sock, Skein Sport, Voyage DK




Please note that there are two colourway lists, this is because Meadow dyes up lighter than the other bases. 

Our Everyday Yarn update will be held on Wednesday 27th April at 9am AEST, so grab a pattern that you have been wanting to knit for ages and make yourself (or someone else) a piece of knitwear that you'll want to wear everyday.

Have a wonderful week!

Kristen xx

P.S the picture at the top is of Sibella by Carrie Bostick Hoge knit out of Meadow in the Jersey colourway.