Sweater Collection - Pre-Order

About The Sweater Collection

The Sweater Collection is a group of colourways that were designed specifically for sweater knitting.  These colours, when viewed at a distance, look like normal semi-solid or tonal colours but, once you look closer, you can see they are in fact made up of lots of tiny speckles.  This effect is very subtle - great for sweater knitting - but as a whole gives the fabric lovely depth. This week we are offering all of our Sweater Collection colourways for pre-order on our Sport, Winter Worsted and Voyage DK bases.

How This Works

Please select the yarn base and number of skeins needed, then write in the message box (during check out) which colourways you would like.  Only Sweater Collection colourways are available for this pre-order.  All these colourways are pictured below.  Please remember this is a pre-order and yarns will need to be dyed.  Orders will take around 2 weeks to ship.

Yarn Bases

Skein Sport - 100% Superwash Merino * 330 yards / 302 meters in 100g * 5-6 sts / inch on 3.25-4.0mm or US 3-6 * Gentle machine wash in cold water

Voyage - 100% Superwash Merino * 230 yards / 210 meters in 100g * 5-6 sts / inch on 3.75-4.5mm or US 5-7 * Gentle machine wash in cold water

Winter - 100% Superwash Merino * 182 yards / 166 meters in 100g * 5 sts / inch on 4.5mm or US 7 * Gentle machine wash in cold water

Pattern Ideas

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