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Spice up your hand-knitted hats with our clip on, faux fur pom-poms.  Simply attach the clip to the top of the hat and then clip on the pom-pom.  All of our pom-poms use the same clip attachment, so buy a bunch of different colours to swap and change depending on your mood/outfit.

Our new two-toned do not clip on but have an elastic band attachment which can be attached to the hat with a ribbon or button.

Please note:  The faux fur will become compacted during shipping.  Simply give the pom-pom a once over blast of air with your hairdryer to pouf it back up.  You can do this every now and then to make sure the pom-pom looks big and fluffy.

Size: 11cm / 4.5 "

Care: Remember to remove the pom-pom when washing (the clip can stay attached to the hat).