Mini Kits

Kit Information

Each kit contains five skeins of our Mini Skein base.  We have nine kits to choose from:

  1. Yellows (Old Town, Maize, Honey, Art Deco and Curio)
  2. Pinks (Urbanite, Adore, Charm, Nouveau and Relish)
  3. Spring (Cupcake, Phantom, Hint, Rose Gold and Wish)
  4. Rustic (Homestead, Sydney, Underground, Blacksmith and Volcanic)
  5. Purples (Surf, Mist, Mythology, Witches Brew and Typo)
  6. Ocean (Lakeside, Electricity, Reflect, Wilderness and Neptune)
  7. Jungle (Cloudburst, Night Market, Zen Garden, Tropics and Apple)
  8. Mystic (Florentine, Magic, Espresso, Opposites Attract and Toscana)
  9. Autumn (Handsome Devil, Journey, Oxidised, Underground and Blue Moon)

Yarn Base

Mini Skein
85% Superwash Merino, 15% Nylon
88 yards/80 meters in 20g
7-8 sts / inch on 2.0-3.25mm or US 0-3
Gentle machine wash in cold water.

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