Episode 19: Crazy Knitting Mojo

August 29, 2014


Thanks to everyone who contacted me during the week, I always love hearing from you!


I forgot to mention that I'm wearing my Enchanted Mesa (by Stephen West)..such a great winter jumper!


In the studio

  • Shop Update next week Wed 3rd September at 12pm and 8pm AEST - all Speckle Dyed yarns including heaps of new colourways.

Works In Progress

  • Monkey socks by Cookie A out of Leading Men Fibre Arts - Showcase base in the Harvest colourway.  These are kept in my Bling You String Bag which I received as a part of her club which I HIGHLY recommend you try!  I said she had an etsy shop, but looks like she has opened up a shop on her own website.
  • Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre using Skein DK in the Blue-Blooded colourway


  • A shawl and hat out of my new bases....both are blocking at the moment!


In the Mail

Top 5  -  Autumn/Winter Knits in my Queue.

What is in your Winter/Autumn queue?  Come and post about it over on the group!


August Podcast Giveaway

  • Win a skein of the lovely Miss Click Clack Merri Creek Sock Yarn!  All you have to do is post in the prize thread what you would knit using this gorgeous yarn.
  • Prize thread will be open from 8th August - 8th September.  Winner will be chosen using a RNG and announced in the podcast following the 8th September.
  • Thank you to Kelly of Miss Click Clack, visit her store on etsy by clicking here.


Colour Inspiration on Instagram

  • I have a # on Instagram where I was hoping you guys might post pictures that include colours that inspire you.  It would be great to build an inspiration board with plenty of colour combination ideas.  Use #colour2cre8 if you would like to join!

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Thanks for watching!