Speckles and Spots

May 08, 2014


Thanks to everyone who contacted me during the week, I always love hearing from you!   This episode I'm wearing my recently finished Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond knit out of Tonn of Wool Cormo and my Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West knit out of Merino Cashmere Fingering.


In The Studio

  • I talk about the upcoming gradient update which will go live on Wednesday 14th May at 10am and again at 5pm Sydney time.
  • I mention that I'm working on a wholesale order from our retailer in Japan called Yarnaholic

In the Mail

  • Beautiful Viola yarn from John Arbon in the colourways Unpredictable and North Sea.  I will be using these to make a version of  Kay's Cardigan from Hannah Fettig, using the chevron pattern found on the Willard pullover, like this one. 

Works In Progress

Future Projects

  • Im planning to knit a cardigan for my partner, he chose Chicane by Cookie A.  This will be knit using Skein Worsted in the Quill colourway.


  • This week I share with you how I dye up variegated colours using a low water immersion technique. 


  • I talk about my first give away!  I'm giving away the two skeins of yarn that I dyed in the dyeing segment.  These are both Top Draw Sock yarns in a new colourway.  I would like help to name this colourway, so to enter head over to the group prize thread on ravelry and let me know what you think would be a good colour name.  One entry per person and you must be a member of the group to be eligible for a prize.  I'll pick two of my favorite names and announce the winner on the podcast.  Entries close 5th June.

Please feel free to join our ‘Skein’ Ravelry group. I’m k10 on Ravelry and you can find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  Post questions, suggestions or feedback here on the blog or over on our Ravelry group.  Skein Studio is available on  iTunes.  You can watch this episode over on Libsyn, rss feed can be found here.

Thanks for watching!