Cool Enough for Knitwear

May 02, 2014


Thanks to everyone who contacted me during the week, I always love hearing from you!  Thanks also for the iTunes reviews. 

Its finally cool enough for knitwear, I'm wearing my recently finished Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond knit out of Tonn of Wool Cormo.


In The Studio

  • I talk about the recent gradient update.  There will be more to come!
  • I mention that I'm working on a wholesale order from our retailer in Japan called Yarnaholic

In the Mail

Works In Progress

Future Projects

  • Im planning to knit a gradient shawl or cowl, still undecided about which pattern to use.  Some ideas mentioned were Boneyard by Stephen West, Ishbel by Ysolda Teague and Brush Creek Cowlette by Carina Spencer.  If you have any suggestions for patterns that would look great knit out of gradient yarn please post them over on our group...I need some ideas!

Discovery of the week

  • Substituting butter for yoghurt when baking...who knew!  Better yet it actually works!


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Thanks for watching!